highest abortion numbers since June

While the first real cold front of the season had temperatures falling, the number of women entering planned parenthood for abortions on Saturday rose among the highest in almost 6 months. Not since June 28th has the abortion numbers been in the 30’s, on Saturday we hit 30.

We would like to thank everyone who sacrificed their time and efforts on Saturday who either came in person to 104 Babcock or who offered their prayers to protect the unborn from abortion. Despite the cold weather, there was a fantastic turnout of prayer warriors! A special thanks to Sarah and Bound 4 Life , who contributed significantly to the pro-life efforts on Saturday.

Side walk counselors spoke to grandparents and boyfriends who were interested in our information and shared their struggles with opposing abortion but felt they were incapable of talking their loved ones out of abortion. As always, the support of the community was over whelming positive and uplifting.

Next Saturday will be another abortion day, and we are hopeful for God’s mercy and that Saturday’s high abortion numbers were nothing more than an aberration.


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