sidewalk successes

On the sidewalk recently, some individuals have asked us about the “successes” we have had during our peaceful, prayerful protests. The question often leads to a conversation about the fact that God uses our efforts and prayers in ways that we do not always know and sometimes do not understand. Conversely, there are also times God allows us to see some of the fruits of our labors, because He loves us and wants to give us a sign of His hope.

There have been 25 confirmed saves during the last 12-13 months since September 2007. This is comparable to about the size of typical school classroom, filled with children who will now be able to grow, run, play and smile… Our Presence is really making a Difference.

As recently as last Saturday, a young woman left the abortion clinic after seeing her sonogram.
A couple of weeks ago, within the span of an hour and a half, there were six women who left Planned Parenthood for no apparent reason, most of them crying in the arms of their significant others.

Sometimes, a woman such as Kayla, will approach the sidewalk counselor (usually crying) saying that what they heard prior to going into the clinic made a difference. In this case, after hearing a sidewalk counselor say she regretted her own abortion, Kayla just couldn’t bring herself to have one herself.

Many times our ‘successes’ are largely unknown to us. We have seen cars pull into the parking lot that end up driving away without leaving their cars. On one particular morning, a white van drove up to where we were praying and said, “I just want you to know that you are making a difference.” Apparently last year his granddaughter came to this very clinic for an abortion and after seeing us on the sidewalk, changed her mind about having an abortion. He thanked us for his grandson Adrian. You see, abortion doesn’t just affect the mother, father and child. It also affects grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles…and so on. When your prayers go up to save a child from abortion, you are also working to save an entire family from the tragedy of abortion.

The bottom line is that we do make a difference. Although sometimes we are “rewarded” by God with the tangible results of a visible “save”, which often keep us motivated in times of weakness, we need to remember that its faithfulness, not visible results, which will be responsible for ending abortion in San Antonio and throughout the world.


One response to “sidewalk successes

  1. I think this is fantastic. We talked our daughter out of getting an abortion because her boyfriend insisted that she get one. Our grandson is now 13 years old ans the apple of our daughters eye. He is such a smart young man. And of course now his dad thinks he wants custody of him because he is a young man now and not a baby or a kid anymore. I dont think so and one day our grandson will find out about this and realize what kind of idiot his dad really is.

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