angry man almost hits sidewalk counselor with car before aborting the life of his child

Contribution from Alan:

    On Saturday Nov 22, I was leaving the PP sidewalk about 8:00 AM.  I said good-bye to Frank, a fellow counselor, right in front of the “Entrance” sign and stepped into the entrance area – still on the sidewalk.  A car, driven by a young man, was turning left from Babcock.  I saw him turn left so I stopped.  He turned to drive into the PP parking lot – swerved toward me with his car and I stepped back.  He turned straight and entered the parking lot, stopped at the front door to let a lady off.  I looked at the entrance area and he had plenty of room to enter the parking lot without swerving toward me. 
    I noticed he parked near the exit of the parking lot after dropping off his lady, so I moved quickly down to sidewalk to talk to him.  When he got out of his car, I asked him if he was mad at me or his situation.  I asked him to come talk to me so I can help whatever he is angry at.  He simply yelled to get out of the way next time and went into the PP building.
    Jeff was gracious enough to give me his license plate #.  I prayed about this — what good would I do to bring charges?  I believe no civil challenge against his anger with a vehicle swerving toward me could be worse than the part he took in destroying an innocent life.  I will continue to pray for this man and all who enter the PP parking lot with anger and defiance against the truth they know in their heart.  We MUST continue to Pray, do Penance, and have Presence at the PP to witness to the truth and speak for the innocent lives who do not have a voice to speak for themselves.

May God bless the merciful.


One response to “angry man almost hits sidewalk counselor with car before aborting the life of his child

  1. Nikki and Marvin, you have confused this website with an interactive one. This is an informative site made especially for Pro-life advocates. It is not for those who wish to leave negative comments. If you do not support the Pro-life agenda we respect your beliefs and we ask that you respect ours and please find a site that would better suit your own needs.

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