Abortion Day Numbers

Keep in mind, all of our statistics are based on Saturday abortion days only. The two main reasons for this is:

  1. Saturday was the only day covered on a regular basis by side walk couselors and others
  2. Saturday is the only “abortion only” day – not having to discern who was there for an abortion vs. other planned parenthood services.

Most of the data is of our last abortion day on 12/06/08 with the exception of the “quarterly” data which included November data only as the “quarterly” data is divided into equal portions of abortion days, not calender days as to give the truest representation of  trending abortion numbers.

To date, there has been a trend reduction of approximately – 24% for the calender year 2008 using an exponential trend line. Using rolling 4 week averages and quarterly data there was a -24% and -22% reduction respectively.





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