Sometimes the days are dark

Please read a comment left by, in my opinion, one of the most faithful pro-life individuals in the city of  San Antonio.  If anyone has the excuse of not having enough time it could be Cathy – yet she is always out there on the sidewalk. Many times through out this last year – by her self. If anyone has spent anytime alone on the sidewalk, they know how daunting a task this can be.  That is to say nothing of everything else she does for “life”, that may go unnoticed and unappreciated.

There are some days that are much harder than others, and Cathy shares one of these days with us . Please pray for Cathy and for others like her that do so much to protect innocent life and healing for those in most need.  

Today was a hard day for me at the Babcock sidewalk. I spoke to a man who was holding a woman closely as they came out of the clinic. She looked so hurt – so devastated. I spoke as kindly and softly as I could to offer post-abortion materials. The man turned to me in anger and said that their baby had died – they did not abort it. They very much wanted this child. I tried to tell him how sorry I was for them and that we would be praying for them and that we were only trying to help. I don’t think he could really hear me. He said we should be careful of what we say to people and that I should get away from them. I have been in sorrow for this couple all day long, and I ask for your prayers for their healing and their grief. Here is yet another reason why we need to speak tenderly to one another. We have not walked in their shoes – we cannot understand their pain and situation – but we can pray and we can be a voice of kindness and compassion.
There were several post-abortive men who spoke rudley in their pain and anger today. There were people from the donut shop who yelled pro-choice slogans. But there were a few who stopped and listened to the counselors and took information. For these, I am grateful.
David Bereit sent a note today with the blog address for 40 Days showing the photo of a child saved from last year’s campaign. I really needed to see that today. What a beautiful gift. It is worth all the standing a praying if even just one child – one mother, or one father – is saved.

May God’s blessings be yours.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
Cathy Nix


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