post-abortive shock

Cathy shares a post-abortive experience which occurred last Saturday @ Planned Parenthood. 

A post-abortive woman named Nichole came and talked to me and some of the others on the sidewalk. We gave her information and encouraged her to call for help – and we all encircled her and prayed together right there on the sidewalk. I don’t know if I said the right words in that prayer. I guess only God knows the heart and the Spirit speaks.

It is so rare that a post-abortive woman actually comes over. She was in shock, and we could see that she was physically and mentally hurting. Looking back, I wonder if I could have helped more. Could I have offered to take her for coffee…or give her a ride somewhere…or just be with her longer? Sigh. We do what we can do and what comes to us at the time.  Please pray for her.  She is heavy in my heart right now.

Others came and got flyers and info – one mom with 2 other kids yelled at me. We all prayed for her, too.

It was great to see so many people out there praying today. There were several whole families who came to pray. One little boy asked his mom, “Why aren’t they in jail if they kill children?”  There it is. The truth from a child about children.  Seeing so many families becoming active leads me to think that doing the spring 40 Days Campaign is the right idea. You were right when you said – United We Stand.

Thanks to Cathy for her caring and sharing. Lets not forget the mothers of aborted children and pray for their reconciliation and healing. As another resource being added to our side bar of  Life Links, here’s AfterAbortion.Org


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