“He can’t change me!”


I listened to a testimony from Carol Everett, author of Blood Money, who was on TBN that will send chills down your spine. My reason for sharing this testimony is because knowledge is a tool we can use in our fight to save innocent children.

The woman began by telling the audience that she had had an abortion when she was younger. She knew after she had the abortion that what she had done was wrong. Her guilt overwhelmed her. She decided that she would get other women to have abortions to try to ease her own guilt. So she went to work at an abortion clinic. She realized the abortion industry was a money making industry and her goal became to make a million dollars.

Preying upon young girls between the ages of 13 to 18,  she got the best doctor at the clinic to open up his own practice with her and she worked hard to reach her goal to make as much money as she could. She purposely gave young girls a low dose pill that she knew would not work if they did not take the pill at the same exact time everyday. Or if they missed just one pill that they could become pregnant. She would wait for their call, knowing that eventually they would become pregnant. She would have the girl come in and her staff would work on their goal to get her to have an abortion. If others in the office could not convince the young girl then she was sent directly to her and she would seal the deal, so to speak.

She was so driven to make money that it didn’t matter to her that she was killing babies to make that money. One day a man came into the clinic to offer them a financial strategy. The man said he could help them if they would meet with him for four hours a week. Eager to make more money she agreed. It didn’t take her too long to realize that he was not a financial advisor but a pastor. He told her he was sent by God to take one person out of that clinic. She laughed and thought of who she thought that one person might be (not thinking it was her, of course). She was always in control of things and never overtaken by anyone. One day the man asked her to pray a simple prayer and to try to get rid of him she prayed the prayer. The prayer was to accept Jesus Christ into her life. After saying the prayer she walked off and laughed. Ha! He can’t change me. Little did she know that everything was about to change for her.

Her heart was convicted. Her abortion business got caught giving abortions to young girls who were not even pregnant and they were shut down. One day she sat and read a passage in the Bible and realized that she had murdered 35,000 babies. From that day forward her life was changed. She now tells her story so that others can see just how evil the abortion industry is. It is a money making industry and innocent children are it’s victims.


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