Next Time Please Don’t Help A Friend

It was beyond cold today at Planned Parenthood. We were faced with 40 degree weather and people walking into the clinic with their backs turned to us and to God. Desperately wanting to get their attention our dedicated counselors yelled out to them. But, their ears and their hearts were closed off to us. It is heartbreaking when the door closes and you feel all hope to save a baby is gone. The fate of the child is sealed by the hands of evil inside the clinic.

There was a young man inside a car in the parking lot. He had come to Planned Parenthood with a friend to “help her”. One of our very dedicated counselors stood outside the car patiently and with perseverence. He did not give up and miraculously the young man finally got out of his car to listen to what he had to say. Praise God! Thank you to this counselor for his persistence! The young man explained that his friend had already made up her mind and that he couldn’t do anything to change it. They had driven quite a distance to come to the clinic. He said that he had two children of his own and that his friend also had two children. Apparently, her husband had left her and she felt that she could not handle taking on another child. Several counselors had gathered around him by this time and everyone put in their own words to try and convince him to go and get her. He said that Planned Parenthood would not allow him to go inside because he did not have his ID with him. He also said she did not have a cell phone so he couldn’t call her. A counselor asked if she had family that could perhaps talk to her. Every effort was made to try to get her out of the clinic. There is no doubt that this young man was touched by the compassion that was pouring out to try to help this young woman. A counselor gave him information about Post Abortion Syndrome and we stressed to him that she would need help after having the abortion. We told him to please make sure she got counseling. One of our counselors said to him, “Next time please DON’T help a friend.” “Please don’t bring her here.” He got the message and I know that he will think twice if anyone else asks him for such a favor. A counselor handed him a rosary and asked him if he was Catholic. He said no and that he didn’t go to church. But, not to worry, a seed was planted today and with prayer and faith will one day grow. Dearest counselors please pray for this young man that he saw the compassion and love of God through us and his heart will be changed forever. As far as the “friend” goes, she came out after only one hour. We can only hope that her mind was changed and she will NOT have an abortion. I hope that the young man and his friend will have a long talk on the drive home. May God speak through him and give him the perfect words to say. A precious life depends upon it.

After counting the cars and not including “the friend” there were approximately 14 abortions today. We can only find comfort in knowing that the beautiful souls that were taken from this earth today are now in the loving arms of God in heaven. His grace is with them and with those who spoke up for them today.

Thank you to all the counselors who braved the freezing weather and glorified God with your dedication to saving the innocent. May the peace and love of God be with you all!


All the things of the universe are perfect miracles, each as profound as any


One response to “Next Time Please Don’t Help A Friend

  1. Well done to all of you! Please continue to share your experiences and thoughts.

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