San Antonio Coalition For Life Dedicated To Helping Women and Children

After a 40 day peaceful prayer vigil for life, a new Pro-life group emerged, the San Antonio Coalition For Life. Fifty two people showed up for the meeting on Friday night for an enlightening line up of speakers.

Lisa Dudley, Director of Outreach for Operation Outcry, gave a heartbreaking testimonyof her own experience with abortion. At the age of 24 she became pregnant. She testified that she felt pressure from her peers and society to have an abortion. When she confronted her boyfriend with her pregnancy, his response was, “What are YOU gonna do about it?”. She was devastated. Feeling ashamed and alone she succumbed to the pressure of others and had an abortion. In her own words she said, “If abortion had not been legal, I would not have had years of pain and anguish over taking the life of my child. There is nothing that brings more shame than abortion”. Lisa now speaks out through Operation Outcry. Operation Outcry is a project of The Justice Foundation to end legal abortion by exposing the truth about it’s devastating impact on women, men, and families. Operation Outcry reaches out to hurting women and men and refers them to the National Helpline for Abortion Recovery. It is a 24-hour, toll-free helpline (1-866-482-LIFE) to help women and men deal with their grief and to offer hope and healing.

Mary Ann Parks, is the Director of the San Antonio Project Rachel. Project Rachel in San Antonio was formed in 1998 to help post abortive women. Project Rachel came about because of the countless stories that women told about the hurt they experienced after their abortion. There are many negative emotional reactions that have been associated with abortion. Some women experience “impact grieving”, which includes an inability to complete the grieving process. Other women experience self-destructive tendencies. Post abortion syndrome has an array of symptoms that include anxiety disorders, irritability, nightmares, recurrent and intrusive thoughts about the abortion or the aborted child, flashbacks of the abortion experience, intense feelings of grief or depression, drug or alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts or acts, and the list goes on. As one post abortive woman wrote, “I truly felt the abortionist ripped out my heart and soul. It was a pain so heavy on more than one occasion I found myself contemplating suicide. I overdosed on pills more than once”. Project Rachel understands the needs of post abortive women. They are ready to provide counseling and support for women and their families. To contact Project Rachel you can call them at 1-800-651-HOPE.

Carol Seward, a member of the Catholic Pro-life Committee of North Texas, is a master mind at helping women. Her dedication to sidewalk counseling is commendable. In 2005, Carol along with her husband, Lew, received the “Bishops Pro-life Award for Prayer” for coordinating the second “40 Days For Life” vigil which has grown into a national event. On the long list of her personal achievements, was the successful “40 Days For Life” vigil in Dallas, where more than 1900 signed up to pray in front of Planned Parenthood. Carol now devote her time to sidewalk counselor training, following the Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants method instituted by Msgr. Reilly of New York City. At the SACFL meeting, Carol gave those listening a true understanding of just what sidewalk counseling is all about and the impact it has on helping women, men, and their children. It is a selfless act of having compassion and concern for others.

Teri Herring, Director of the Allied Women’s Center, is a thriving force in the community. She is dedicated to helping women and their families. At the Allied Women’s Center women can get free pregnancy testing, free one-on-one counseling, information on STD’s, free financial assistance, and also, a wide variety of baby and maternity items (cribs, diapers, formula, clothing for baby and mom, etc.). Terri is dedicated to providing women with anything they may need help with. Terri states, “Coming into the center is like coming home. No matter what your age, your social status, your income level, your color or creed, we treat all with loving care and personal attention. This a place where you can bring your questions, fears, and your concerns and be treated with dignity and respect”. The Allied Women’s Center is located at 102 Marshall St. in San Antonio. To contact the center call 210-224-7077 or the hotline at 210-354-HELP.

The San Antonio Coalition For Life works in conjunction with the Allied Women’s Center and other organizations, to help women who are faced with tough situations in their life. They are trained to understand the needs and the mindset of women who are pregnant or post-abortive. In recent years, there has been a negative stigma attached to becoming pregnant. The SACFL wants to help women overcome the judgment or the fear of financial burden through counseling and financial aid. They want women to know that they have several options when facing pregnancy. And, that they are available to provide them with many resources. The SACFL are fully equipped to direct women to get the help they need, whatever it may be. To contact the SACFL call 210-277-0099 or email at


I pray this information will be helpful to all. Our ultimate goal is to save the innocent and with the right tools we are that much closer to achieving that goal. Let us use the testimonies of others and the  valuable information given to us to do God’s work. As humble servants we are called upon to be angels of mercy for those who are vulnerable and suffering. Let the compassionate words of God flow from your hearts and bring peace and love to all.

Wishing you all great success in the fight to preserve life!



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