Friday’s Pro-Life Workshop


Thanks to Amy, Alice, David and Alan for all of their efforts in organizing a most informative pro-life workshop held at Our Lady of the Atonement academy. Thanks to Father Phillips for his opening prayer and allowing us to meet at the Atonement Academy and to Teri, Lisa, Carol, and Mary Ann who took time out of their Friday night to share their experiences with 54 interested San Antonio residents. The following is a brief synopsis of what we learned from women who have dedicated so much of their lives to saving the lives of the most innocent.

Allied Women’s Center: Teri Haring, the Director of the center let us know that the center has seen a very large increase in women coming to the center over the last 18 months, more than all the years past, she really thinks it is because women are coming there after seeing our signs at the Babcock clinic. They are willing to help any women we talk to with the assistance of diapers, clothes, other needs. Amy has a key to the facility if we need to access it.

Operation Outcry: Lisa Dudley let us know that they are still working on getting petitions before the supreme court from post abortive women to present the facts about the aftermath of abortion. They are also doing education with the movie,  Beyond the Dark Valley.

Mary Ann Parks of Project Rachel of San Antonio and Carol Seward, a member of the Catholic Pro-life Committee of North Texas and sidewalk counselor trainer shared some of the following:

We are living in a Post Abortive Nation—everyone has been impacted in some way by abortion, whether they know it or not. So, how do we communicate with the Post Abortive Nation and the Pre Abortive women?

The Women should not be left alone, presence is so important at the facilities. Every women is trying to preserve a “value” by having an abortion. You can help by trying to connect to what that “value” (feeding/taking care of other children, stress for husband/boyfriend/family, education, approval from friends/job/society) is. Many times, the abortion is for someone else. Women by nature, are not typically selfish.

We must always remember why we are out there, to save the lives of the child and parents. Our actions are critical in whether a child lives or dies. We must meet the women where “they are at” and resist the temptation to tell them why we believe abortion is wrong (“abortion is murder” , “don’t kill your baby”). We have the choice of being effective, or being “right”.

The five C’s

Our Nation has been Conditioned to react negatively to Pregnancy: Pregnancies are often referred to as a “worse nightmare” and a mistake. Our culture has mandated that pregnancy requires a “choice”. Pregnancy has become the modern day plaque. This is what we’re up against.

64% of women are Coerced into having an abortion. Some great websites with lots of facts about abortion, as well as sheets to print out for sidewalk counseling can be found here and here.

Women are Conflicted – They’re going against their maternal instinct (a very powerful instinct) by getting an abortion…so, we have to realize at the point of the abortion, the women truly believe they’re doing the “right” thing. In order to be successful, we MUST meet them where they are at.

People in “Crisis” are susceptible— through nature, women who become pregnant develop a biologic crisis/ biologic dependence— she seeks out advice from others. Consequently, our conditioned culture has accepted abortion as an acceptable choice.

Captive – It’s important to remember that a pregnant women walking through the doors of an abortion facility has their baby held hostage. Focusing on them (not their baby) and meeting their perceived needs is critical in saving the life of the child. Remember that “value” they are trying to save. (see above)

Often, post abortive women get pregnant again around the date that their aborted baby was supposed to be born.

It’s important our non-verbal language sends the right message. The way we dress and interact with others speak loudly to the women entering the abortion facility. While on the sidewalk— we should limit chit-chat (especially joking around), as the woman’s current frame of mind may lead her to believe we are “Talking” about her… Treat the sidewalk as a somber, sober place.

May God bless all of us in our efforts to do His will in protecting the unborn.


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