Knights come through with support

scan0013 It was another 40 degree cold day at Planned Parenthood. The day began with a single counselor and then by 7:45 there were two. But by 9:00, the sidewalks were flooded with Pro-life supporters. The procession arrived with the Knights of Columbus in the lead and prayer began. Each prayer rang out beautifully and with such grace from the mouths of each dedicated prayer warrior. God’s people had arrived and were armed with a powerful message. Two young people stood directly in front of the entrance holding a banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Knights of Columbus were adorned in full dress. The rosary was being prayed loud and clear by men, women, and children. The sky was a bright blue and the sun broke through. Peace surrounded Planned Parenthood for all to see. The eyes of God were upon those who had gathered to speak for the innocent who were dying inside.

Today we counted 13 cars. Ten of those were abortions. Three left within an hour so we are assuming these young ladies did not have abortions. Two left with small purple bags in their hands. The one that left the clinic that stays in our minds and our hearts is a young lady who was open to listen to one of our counselors. She walked right over to our dedicated and compassionate counselor and received information. The young lady explained that she had a one year old baby and was pregnant. She had no husband or boyfriend to help support her. She was alone until she found our counselor who gave her hope and an ear to listen. Thankfully, she walked out of the clinic after only a short time. Please pray for her so that she may find comfort and support in her time of need.

All of the events of today were recorded by KENS 5. We are grateful to KENS 5 for their support of our Pro-life mission. We hope that the news cast today will touch many hearts and bring many more to the sidewalk to pray for our dearest children: the innocent and the unborn. 



One response to “Knights come through with support

  1. A young lady named “Nikki” sent a negative message on the 104Babcock blog. But, because it was negative and not in support of the hard working and dedicated counselors I chose to delete it. In response to her I have written this message: Bless your heart, Nikki. We are not anti-choice but Pro-life. Planned Parenthood only gives women one choice: TO ABORT. They do not provide counseling to let women know they have many choices. We work with The Allied Women’s Center, who give women the support they need when they become pregnant. We also work with Project Rachel and Operation Outcry which supports women who are suffering because of their abortion. Both programs were started by women who had abortions and regret them. Most women suffer from Post Abortive Syndrome, which has a wide variety of symptoms: anxiety disorders, depression, deep feelings of guilt and shame, alcohol and drug abuse, nightmares of the baby, reoccuring thoughts of the abortion experience, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. That along with the complications of abortion such as: severe infection from body parts left inside the womb, damage to the uterus from the sharp instruments used to cut up the baby’s body, infertility, miscarriages due to damage to the uterus, and death. There is no doubt that ABORTION HURTS WOMEN. I appreciate the fact that you thanked God in your statement. It shows there is still hope for you. I will be praying for you .

    Wishing you many blessings and the gift of discernment.