6 lb. 4oz

Well, what weighs 6 lbs, 4 ounces?   I’ll get to that…first, let me tell you a story.  Last June, a young girl in a Lexus with a middle aged man drove up to Planned Parenthood at 104 Babcock.  It was Saturday, and of course an abortion day.   The man went into Planned Parenthood, the girl stayed in the car. As she sat there in the car all alone, she stared at the signs that said “Free Help…1-800-395-HELP”.   The man came back to the car, she refused to get out, they conversed and they drove away.  Later that week, SACFL found out the girl had called the number she saw on those signs.  She asked for legal help, her father was forcing her to have an abortion.  Operation Outcry and other ProLife legal agencies got involved to help her, court cases ensued, her father continued to push….but, that 14 year old girl chose life.   Last Friday, Jan. 30th she delivered a healthy baby girl, 6 lbs, 4 oz.

Praise God!  Thanks to all of you that hold signs and pray….It is making a difference!!




2 responses to “6 lb. 4oz

  1. This story makes every cold day worth it. May we always seek God’s wisdom to help those who can’t help themselves. And, may God bless this young girl and her beautiful new baby. May she have a heavenly support system to help her throughout her life.

    “Angels are counselors sent from God”

  2. She will never regret having this child. She will never have to live her life knowing that she was responsible for ending a life. This is the saving of not one soul in this life, but two. It is God’s holy grace. God bless her every day and God bless the counselors and prayer warriors who never give up.

    Amber, you rock.

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