Planned Parenthood calls police over holy water

My fellow counselors, today was an interesting day, to say the least. Imagine our surprise when a very nice officer pulled up and said that a worker inside was complaining that someone sprinkled holy water in their parking lot. For goodness sakes! The officer seemed quite amused by this and of course, followed procedure and asked if this was true. We told him, NO, it was not true. She sprinkled holy water on the sidewalk (there were several witnesses to this). Where is the crime in that? It was all quite comical and amazingly ridiculous. We all stood and had a great conversation with the officer, who made the comment: “Why don’t you go to the source of this problem?” “Contact your city officials, congressman, and senators.” We said, “We do. Every week!” He seemed surprised by that. He said,”It might actually be impossible to close down this Planned Parenthood just by standing out here.” To which one of our counselors replied, “25 abortion clinics in Northern Texas have been closed down just from doing what we are doing.” I personally talked to him about the FOCA that Obama would like to pass taking all restrictions off of abortion. He said, “I didn’t know about that”. I said, “Most people don’t and he would like to keep it that way”. He said, “I bet our tax dollars are paying for this, too.”  The officer was very receptive to us and very much in agreement with us. He was Pro-life himself. Amazingly every officer that has been called to the clinic has showed support for us. For that we are grateful to the San Antonio Police Department. As a peaceful organization, we just want to help people, and apparently the great officers of San Antonio are aware of that.

I was faced with having a conversation with an angry young man today. He stayed in his car for at least thirty minutes with a young child. He did his best to try to ignore me, but I was persistent and did not give up. I held up my pamphlets and talked to him through his closed window. I told him that I was not there to judge him but to help him. I said everything that I could possibly come up with until finally he opened up his door. I asked him if I could talk with him. He angrily said no. I persisted…I told him again that I was not there to judge him but to help him. I went on to talk about post abortion syndrome. I explained to him that the person inside the clinic was going to need help. That she would suffer the same kind of mourning that a mother who carried a child for nine months and lost her child would feel. I said she is going to need help. She will need counseling. He continued on with his smug, “I’m not listening, you are irritating me attitude”. I continued on talking…”what have I got to lose, I thought?”  He finally opened up and told us that he had went through this with his other girlfriends. I guess it hasn’t occur to him that those relationships didn’t work for a reason.  He got so aggitated listening to me, that he said I was gonna make him smoke a whole pack of cigarettes. After refusing any information, he finally got back in his car. He sat in the car stewing…  I told him just remember that I was here talking to you because I care about you and the woman inside the clinic.

Right after that, a couple came out of the clinic. They were parked right beside the angry young man. We asked if she would like some information. She said she was not having an abortion but they were there because she had a pregnancy test done. She was pregnant. I said, “Oh great, let me give you some information that will help you”. I handed her the information about the Allied Women’s Center and explained to her and the father of her baby that she could get help with diapers, formula, financial aid, etc. They were very happy!!! “Thank you so much!” they exclaimed.  “Thank you, thank you”, they continued as they happily got in their car.  AMEN JESUS!!! 

To all the counselors who really worked hard today to reach the people arriving at Planned Parenthood, I say a BIG THANK YOU!!!  Please pray for the young couple who will be blessed with God’s greatest miracle…a new life.


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