A Mother’s Anguish

mary_at_cross_I believe the one incident that will be most remembered today was the heartache of a mother struggling to get her daughter out of Planned Parenthood. She walked back and forth, gathering information from one of our dedicated counselors and into the clinic to her daughter. She was given a replica of a baby that she could hold in her hand. The mother said her daughter shook when she held it. Our hearts go out to this mother who tried desperately to get her daughter to change her mind. I know her prayers and our prayers were heard in heaven. The mother eventually left in despair to get a cup of coffee. We pray that God will comfort this dedicated mother and her daughter who will surely need God’s love and compassion.

Today must have been a training day at Planned Parenthood. As many cars drove up with people carrying spiral notebooks and a pen. One in particular was a more mature woman, who was talking to us even before she stepped out of the car. She was so distressed by our presence that she couldn’t even park her car in the space properly. She was just ready for someone to “attack” her so she could “attack” back. I walked towards her. She got out of the car and began to speak,”We don’t like abortion either but you can’t stop abortion if you don’t allow birth control.” No one said a word to her. I watched her walk away in a huff and thought, “The usual pro abortion statement that will never justify the killing of innocent children.” In her mind, it seemed as though we were to blame for abortion. A prime example of society’s twisted way of justifying the need for abortion. 

Watching mothers and fathers bringing their young daughters to the clinic today was saddening. I thought, “of all the things you do to protect your children, why would you bring them here?”  But, I know many parents ignorantly don’t know the devastating results of abortion. They perhaps think they are saving their daughters from years of heartache. If they only knew the truth, I know they would turn that car around and leave that parking lot. I saw the pain of a young girl who’s mother had brought her to the clinic. She came out, after having an abortion, crying. As they pulled out of the parking lot I saw a tear fall from the mother’s eyes. If only there was something we could have said to stop them from the pain they are now feeling. We ask ourselves what would have been the perfect words to say. Unfortunetly, when the door closes to the clinic so does the message we have for them. A sense of helplessness comes over us until the next car arrives. Being on that sidewalk is a difficult job. We must always remember that though it may seem hopeless at times that with God all things are possible. Ultimately, it is not what we do for God that is most important but what he does for us. He puts us in situations to learn compassion and love for others. This is for our betterment. It is better to walk with your eyes wide open in the light then live in the dark with no hope.

I had the pleasure of bringing a young lady with me today to introduce her to God’s great cause. She had many questions for me and I was happy to answer them. Her biggest question to me was, “How can they do this to their baby?” As we all know this is a seemingly simple question but it takes some time to answer. It is a question we must be vigilant about answering.  I encourage all of our counselors to be mentors to others. Show them through example your dedication and compassion for the unborn and their mothers.  As you know we must always refrain from judgment and be an example of God’s great love. Let his light shine through you.

And I leave you with this:  Conception IS the beginning of God’s intentions to bless others with his own love. What greater miracle is there than life?  It is dynamic in all it’s glorious potential. For all who hear God’s call and follow, may you be blessed with his undying love and compassion. And, for all the young women who left the clinic today and are suffering great pain, may God bring them an angel to comfort them in their time of need.  AMEN


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