COLD & RAIN??? Nothing can keep us AWAY! We still keep Praying….And, #31 comes our way!!

Dear Pro-Life Friends….dsc05094

On Saturday, 15 women presented themselves to the “clinic” at 104 Babcock for an abortion.  Please pray for the babies who lost their lives, for the women who lost their motherhood, and for the fathers who lost their fatherhood.

HOWEVER, an extraordinary thing happened….we witnessed Life #31 being saved at the clinic.  A crying young woman came to the sidewalk counselors.  She told the counselors that she was eating across the street when she saw our signs (the signs that all of you were holding!).  Her family was pressuring her to have an abortion and her mother scheduled her an abortion TODAY, Monday…In her own words, “I know I have a baby inside me.” She was just looking for other options.  The counselors told her about Allied Women’s Center is she had an appointment TODAY at Allied vs going to the abortion clinic!  So, Praise God & Please pray for her.







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