Blessings Overwhelm!

March 25


I am happy to report that today a young mom (and her mother) drove right up to us as we stood on the sidewalk.  The young mom jumped out, walked over, and introduced us to her one month old baby boy, Elijah.  The grandmother told us that her daughter had wanted to have an abortion last fall.  Instead, she drove her to see the people at the last 40 Days for Life campaign praying outside Planned Parenthood. The mom wanted her to read the signs.  The daughter did just that, and then changed her mind, and chose life!  Second, we received great news that another young woman whom we sent to the Pregnancy Care Center for a sonogram, has decided to keep her baby and not abort.  Praise God! Third, a young woman had been praying in church earlier today, when she got the “feeling” that she needed to go to pray at Planned Parenthood.  We saw her car pull in, but she didn’t get out for several minutes.  Finally, she got out and told us that she had been praying for us.  She hadn’t known that we would be there, but as soon as she saw us, she knew that God had wanted her to pray for us.  And, we do need those prayers! 

Some days the blessings overwhelm.

Take care,



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