Prayer Remains A Powerful Force

baby_praying_handsAs we gathered today on the sidewalk, my heart was filled with thanks to God for all the wonderful people who showed up on a Friday to pray. What a beautiful show of dedication to the unborn. There were two counts today…one for the people who showed up to pray, by 11:00 am there had been 60!  And, the unfortunate number was 14 for the number of abortions. But praise be to God because the numbers remain down from the 32 or more back in October!  A loving God has sent his people to pray and triumph will be his, no doubt!

A profound and meaningful moment today was watching our men at work. Three people pulled up in a station wagon. Two men and a woman got out. Our male counselors went to work on the men, grabbing their attention and pulling them over. They were informed that they were at an abortion clinic. They were surprised, of course, it doesn’t say that on the misleading Planned Parenthood sign. They were given some information and entered the clinic doors. They came back out in a few minutes. The driver walked up to us on the sidewalk and said, “You’re right this is an abortion clinic.” He said, “Well, I am not for abortion.” Our counselor said, “Then go to the Allied Women’s Center for help”. “Don’t support a clinic like this that is doing abortions as we are standing here.” The man shook all of our hands, thanking us, and left to go to the Allied Women’s Center. Amen!

I spent some time talking with a young lady who said she needed birth control. I told her that she was at an abortion clinic and that they were doing abortions today. She said, “Oh really, the sign doesn’t say they do abortions.” Once again, misled by the sign. I gave her information on the Allied Women’s Center and she left in that direction. I called the Allied Women’s Center to let them know she was coming. I don’t know what happened but she showed back up at Planned Parenthood. She only stayed for a few minutes but it was disappointing to see that she had come back.

A young “family” pulled up, the man jumped out of the car as though he was insulted that we were there. He said, “She is not here for an abortion so if all you have to talk about is that then you can’t help her”. “She is my sister”.  They were offered information but did not take it at that time. They walked into the clinic and came out after a short time. Again, he was offered information. I told him that we were not there to judge but to offer assistance. Another counselor stepped in and told him that the Allied Women’s Center could help his sister who had a baby in her arms. His face changed, “Oh really, how?” He was told that the Allied Women’s Center could provide her with financial assistance, diapers, formula, clothing, etc.  They would do everything possible to help her. His whole attitude towards us changed. He realized we really were trying to help. They left thanking us…amen!

Something interesting happened today that I am sure had an impact on the lone “atheist”, though he may never admit it. As I was standing on the sidewalk, he was holding a sign that read, “Pope Zombies” with an arrow that pointed directly at me. All of the sudden, he was surrounded by prayer warriors. Hands were raised and powerful prayers engulfed him. He turned around and said, “AHHH, now that’s scary!” But he was ignored and the prayers continued. As we prayed he mocked the prayers but not to worry God was listening and our prayers will be answered. His eyes will be opened, maybe not today, but soon! You cannot escape the power of God. When he is called upon, prayers are answered. As we reflect on this, a verse in Isaiah comes to mind: Isaiah 57.4-57.5 “Whom are you mocking? Against whom do you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue? Are you not children of transgresssion, the offspring of deceit- you that burn with lust among the oaks, under every green tree; you that slaughter your children in the valleys, under the clefts of the rocks?”  Isaiah 57.21: “There is no peace, says my God, for the wicked.” It is not us that will vanish from the sidewalk but the wicked. Continue to pray!

We are the oaks of righteousness. We are the planting of our Lord, to display his glory. We stand firm in our convictions and triumph will be that of the Lord’s. For God promises that good always wins over evil. Praise be to God!

Sweet Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, that we may save God’s children!


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