Roses For The Suffering

baby-angel-with-rosesAs I arrived at the sidewalk early this morning I was greeted with wonderful news. “One drove off”.  There is no better news on the sidewalk than that. What a blessing! A child was saved! This reminds us how very important our presence is. Each person who arrives on the sidewalk comes with a mission. One that God put in our hearts to fulfill through his grace. We come unselfishly and with conviction to be of service to our Lord and savior.

Today a counselor spoke with her whole heart to a mother whose daughter had made up her mind that she was going to have an abortion. The mother came straight to the sidewalk and received a warm welcome. The counselor spoke to her about abortion and then earged the mother to go in and get her daughter. The mother’s tears flowed from her eyes and we could feel her devastating pain. She was truly suffering and our hearts were with her. The counselor gave her some information to give to her daughter and I gave her a rose (letting her know it was from the Blessed Mother) and she was urged to go in and talk to her daughter. I am sorry to say we never saw her come back out. Let us pray for this family as they will need healing that only God can give.

Two young men pulled up with a young girl in the back seat. They sat in their car for awhile and we tried to get their attention. When the girl got out she seemed afraid, as though she had been warned about talking to us. I got a sense that the two guys who brought her there had put alot of pressure on her. This was a classic case of a young girl being coerced by her boyfriend. I can only imagine the mental torment she was feeling. Her boyfriend kissed her and she walked through the door. This is what I refer to as the “kiss of death”. It was his way of reassuring her that she had to do this for him. The sad reality is that if he really loved her he would have never had brought her there.  He let her down and soon she will truly understand just how much. As the boyfriend sat outside with his friend, many counselors tried in desperation to give him some information. He would look at his friend and laugh. As a last ditch attempt, I spoke out loud to him,”Please, at least give your child a name before he dies”. “He deserves that respect”. It had no effect on him. His heart was cold. He stood outside laughing and mocking the people that were trying to help his child that was about to die inside. The irony of it all is a sad reminder of how society has become numb to violence and murder, even when it is their own children that are the victims.

A BMW pulled up today with a couple in it. They got out in a huff. She yelled out that she would be playing satanic music while having her abortion. May God open up her eyes to truth and have mercy on her soul.

Another young woman got out of her car and when she was offered help she flipped everyone off. One of our counselors said that she appreciated that she was pointing to God and we would pray for her. That is always a tough situation but one that can be dealt with in a clever way. It helps us to not take it personally. After all, they have no idea what they are really going to face once they go inside those doors. They have been coached into thinking that we are bad but eventually they do learn the real truth. I am guessing at that point, they realize that we really were trying to help them.

I watched the Planned Parenthood escort and the “security guard” mocking me for bringing roses and offering them to the women. It saddened me that the men were incapable of seeing why each woman deserved a rose. Their hearts hardened to the reality of what was happening around them. They could not see that each woman would be facing a horrific, life changing ordeal. The beautiful life growing inside her was going to be put to death. Why shouldn’t she be offered a rose? When I think of roses, I think of the sacrifice that our savior, Jesus Christ, made so that we may be saved. The rose so beautiful with thorns of grace. The red in the petals representing the blood shed so that our sins would be forgiven. The thorns representing the crown he was made to wear as he was mocked. What a better gift to give to a woman to remind her of Jesus and his sacrifice? It is a perfect representation of our savior’s love for them.

Some angels wear wings of silken white and golden robes so grand. Some walk the earth in blue jeans and lend a helping hand.  If angels had a job description it would only consist of one task: Do the work of love.



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