Silent as a Lamb, Sly as a Fox

cristo006There was a lesson learned today on the sidewalk. One that someone will unfortunately pay a high price for. In the Bible we are warned numerous times of the snares of evil. We always have to be on our guard for the “snake” in the grass. It is there watching us, ready to make us it’s next prey. Today a man learned that lesson and our prayers must be with him. We are human and we all make mistakes.

 As peacemakers we must remember to always be an example to others. We must be humble and in “disguise”. Meaning we must be representative of Jesus. When defending the innocent we must take on our savior’s spirit of love and compassion to the sidewalk. There is no greater task than to be obedient to our Lord. The path we walk is not an easy one but undoubtedly will be worth the reward. Life is a journey that leads us all to the same place in the end…at the feet of our Lord in heaven. What we take in and learn is for our betterment. Some lessons are tougher learned than others but we must pray for understanding to get through the difficult times.

 It is very important to remember these words when dealing with evil, “Silent as a Lamb, Sly as a Fox”. Reflect on what God means by this. They were words spoken to protect YOU from evil.  Keep them in your mind at all times. We do not have to be outspoken to be heard. God is listening and that is what is most important. When we pray, we must pray faithfully, knowing that God will answer our prayers. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have. It is working and we must continue to pray with great intent for God’s most innocent children, the unborn.


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