States With Funded “Abstinence Only Education” Show Significantly Fewer Teen Abortions

abstinence-only education

The numbers* are indisputable, and it speaks volumes as to the mindset of the people who elect law makers who reject the common sense approach to abstinence only education. It’s an indictment of the twisted will, which rejects the biological evidence which reveal the child’s brain is not yet equipped or developed enough to make adult like decisions.

I came across a planned parenthood news letter (pdf) which attempted to prove that “comprehensive” sex education was superior to abstinence only education, based on their own generalized and vague abortion statistics from a handful of “cherry picked” states. To test their theory, I ran the latest abortion numbers from All the states which reported to the CDC in 2005. I compared the teen abortion rates of the (17) states which reject abstinence only education funds with those ( 31) which accept them, using the 2002 census estimation. I discovered that the 2005 abortion rates for teens were 46% higher in states which reject funding for abstinence only when compared to those which accept them.

AZ, CA, CO, CT, IA, MA, ME, MN, MT, NJ, NM, NY, OH, RI, VA, WI and WY need to stop playing politics.

Interpret from this what you will, but the numbers are just too big to be ignored.

(The Effectiveness of Abstinence Education Programs in Reducing Sexual Activity Among Youth – 2002)

* Updated with corrected numbers


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