Needing a Bump in Business?

Comprehensive sex education? Planned Parenthood’s research and education arm, the Guttmacher Institute now recommends the following:

Health care providers and health educators should discuss withdrawal as a legitimate, if slightly less effective, contraceptive method in the same way they do condoms and diaphragms. Dismissing withdrawal as a legitimate contraceptive method is counterproductive for the prevention of pregnancy and also discourages academic inquiry into this frequently used and reasonably effective method.

Does anyone remember the Consumer Reports assessment on Planned Parenthood condoms several years back?


2 responses to “Needing a Bump in Business?

  1. Without getting in to details does the Guttmacher insitutue know ANYTHING

  2. Without getting in to details, does the Guttmacher institue know ANYTHING about how the human body works? Withdrawl is not going to prevent a pregnancy in any shape way or form and in fact will encourage uninformed teens to use it as a form of birth control. More business for Planned Parenthood I suppose…disgusting.

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