giving some booties away

The abortion numbers for this past Saturday was 21 (keep in mind that all abortions must now be done @ the Babcock clinic). There was a good number of us out there for the first 4 hours or so, but things really thinned out after 11. Thanks to everyone who was out there throughout the week, you all certainly made a difference. The cumulative average of abortions per day (since December of 2007) has fallen to 24.8 with 187 less abortions at this clinic than during the same time frame in 2008.

Overall, there was a lot of activity particularly among the loved ones of the abortive minded women, with some of them brought to tears because they felt helpless in their efforts to offer any sort of emotional support to the expecting mothers.

Some great news from Tammy follows:

Hey everyone,

Quick follow-up on Sat.  It looked like an unusually busy day at PP–which was very disheartening.  I arrived around 10 AM to a packed lot, but with many prayer warriors and some dynamic counseling in progress ( Shannon, Amber, Jeff, Frank-others?)

As Shannon was leaving, she offered to give me one of her little gift packages of booties, blanket, etc.  I happily took one, but wondered when I would ever get the chance to give it away.  Well, time went on, and quite a few people had to leave.  Only Frank, Yolanda and I were left.  We kept trying to talk to anyone and everyone that came outside.  We had noticed a young couple talking outside, that had been there quite awhile.  They didn’t seem to pay us any mind whatsoever.  Finally, about 12:15, they headed for their car which was parked on the sidewalk side.  One last time I tried to get them to take some information–then, Yolanda called out “You weren’t considering abortion, were you?”  (or something like that).  Then, the young man rolled down the window and said that he would take the info.  I told him that I couldn’t walk on the black-top.  So, he smiles, gets out of the car, and tells us “Look, she was going to get an abortion, but she changed her mind!!”  I looked at her, and she was smiling also.  They took all the info about Allied and PCC–and Frank handed them some other pamphlets, also (about NFP,etc.).  Then, I remembered the booties, and reached in my bag, and gave them their first baby-gift!!  I also gave them the precious feet pin and the card with the info on the fetal development. It was an amazing encounter.

Thanks for all your hard work and prayers.  That couple definitely heard/saw many of you earlier in the morning. Your effort helped save a baby!!  Praise God!

Now, only one thing.  Shannon, can I get another pair of booties?

The next abortion day will be this coming Saturday.


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