Where the heart lies

love_god_in_sandToday was especially hard as the cars piled in one by one and young girls stepped out onto the black top. Devastated with my own feelings of impending loss of a granddaughter whom we dearly love, I found it most difficult to speak today. I stood there watching these young girls going in feeling more helpless than ever. I wished I could become every mother that drove up and tell her daughter, “I love you and we are not going to do this.” ” I am going to help you.” This is what I would tell my daughters. To know that my own daughter will suffer the agonizing pain of losing her beautiful newborn at birth is beyond words. I pray that God will spare her such pain. I pray for a miracle. I ask God for his divine intervention. As the day progressed and my heart was breaking, I saw an opportunity to talk to a young girl. I was told she was a rape victim, something, unfortunately, I know alot about. This was my call to speak and I chose to do so. The young girl got out of her car. I asked her if I could speak with her. She said, “No.” I continued on, “My daughter was raped when she was 15. I have a beautiful grandson now that I love very much.” Her head turned towards me. I told her I was a counselor and I would like to help her. She was quick to tell me she had a three year old and was not going to have an abortion. I asked her if she would like some information about the Allied Women’s Center and I explained some of their services. She walked over to take it and walked away to smoke a cigarette. Time went by and I prayed she would not go into the abortion clinic. She finally got up and as she was walking I told her that I was there for her if she needed help. I told her my name and let her know that I had three daughters and I understood what she was going through. Then the Planned Parenthood doors closed and I never saw her again. If nothing else, I pray this young girl knows that there was someone who cared about her.

We all have a story to tell. We all have a life experience that can help a young girl or woman. Sometimes it may be harder than usual to speak but please do. Ultimately, it is not whether you accomplish what you hoped for but WHO you spoke for.  We are the light of God, working for his own purpose not our own. We are here to show others where our own heart lies. Our heart lies with a God who gives unconditional love to all. Praise be to God!


One response to “Where the heart lies

  1. Thanks for your words, C. Please know that we are praying with you.

    There we were, out on the sidewalk again today. Another abortion day. When we tried to offer information, a young lady told Tammy and I to “mind our business.” I replied that we were. It is everybody’s business to speak for the unborn.

    Something else struck me as I stood there on “our side” of the sidewalk looking at the PP escort reading his book. Such apathy in the face of children dying. He was complacently reading while in the building just behind him, lives were ending and women were suffering. He witnessed – and did nothing – as another post-abortive lady was crying and screaming out – “I’m in pain!” This is the product of the real lie about abortion. The pain never totally “goes away” afterward. If only we could prevent this – find the right words to help these women and men!

    Please pray daily for those who work – or volunteer – in the abortion industry. May they see clearly the abortion lie and someday stand on “our side” of the sidewalk and pray.

    Peace be with you.

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