God’s Grace

Ansley Rae October 031On September 29, 2009 I witnessed the most beautiful miracle I have ever seen. Against all odds a breathtaking little baby girl was born. The doctor’s gave us no hope for her. She would die at birth they said. Thirty two days later we are enjoying every little kiss on her cheek, every little smile, and every little touch of her adorable hand. God’s grace brought us together and I am forever grateful to him. He is most definetly a loving God of compassion. He gives us hope when the world gives us none.

I have lived the best thirty two days of my life and look forward to day thirty three. Every moment is precious and truly a blessing with our little angel sent down from heaven. I can’t even express how grateful I am to have been given the chance to know my granddaughter. Her strength is amazing and teaches us that all things are possible through God.

Remember this story when you are on the sidewalk. Tell others of the beautiful miracle that God gave us. Even when the odds are stacked against you, God will come through for you. “Ask and you shall receive”. I am a true believer of these words. For God answered my prayer and the prayers of many. She is a living, breathing testimony of God’s mercy and grace.

Thank you to all who prayed for my daughter and granddaughter. You helped make the miracle happen.


One response to “God’s Grace

  1. That so touched my heart. As a new prayer warrior and sidewalk counselor, your letter has helped me know we can expect GOOD, from God’s using us in this work. You letter so wonderfully helped me see that precious new grandaughter…as if I were with you… Thanks personally for this ……Rose

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