Ansley Rae October 031


One response to “Ansley Rae October 031

  1. Hello. Wonderful story! I am glad you will get to enjoy time with your child! None of us knows if our child will die before we die, and if so, how long we will have with our child. Myself, a minute would be betetr than never. I am sure y’all will treasure every minute.

    Is this story anonymous? Can you post this story somewhere? We are all trying to figure out how to cope with a medical system that overwhelmingly prefers to pressure us to simply kill off our children before the child is born, just because the child does, or might have, some problem that will limit their life to some measure less than our ‘three score and ten.’ These stories can hopefully provide docs, little by little with the idea that we parents want to spend any precious minute possible with our child, rather than deliberately killing our child before we can even lay eyes on the child.

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