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God’s Grace

Ansley Rae October 031On September 29, 2009 I witnessed the most beautiful miracle I have ever seen. Against all odds a breathtaking little baby girl was born. The doctor’s gave us no hope for her. She would die at birth they said. Thirty two days later we are enjoying every little kiss on her cheek, every little smile, and every little touch of her adorable hand. God’s grace brought us together and I am forever grateful to him. He is most definetly a loving God of compassion. He gives us hope when the world gives us none.

I have lived the best thirty two days of my life and look forward to day thirty three. Every moment is precious and truly a blessing with our little angel sent down from heaven. I can’t even express how grateful I am to have been given the chance to know my granddaughter. Her strength is amazing and teaches us that all things are possible through God.

Remember this story when you are on the sidewalk. Tell others of the beautiful miracle that God gave us. Even when the odds are stacked against you, God will come through for you. “Ask and you shall receive”. I am a true believer of these words. For God answered my prayer and the prayers of many. She is a living, breathing testimony of God’s mercy and grace.

Thank you to all who prayed for my daughter and granddaughter. You helped make the miracle happen.


Where the heart lies

love_god_in_sandToday was especially hard as the cars piled in one by one and young girls stepped out onto the black top. Devastated with my own feelings of impending loss of a granddaughter whom we dearly love, I found it most difficult to speak today. I stood there watching these young girls going in feeling more helpless than ever. I wished I could become every mother that drove up and tell her daughter, “I love you and we are not going to do this.” ” I am going to help you.” This is what I would tell my daughters. To know that my own daughter will suffer the agonizing pain of losing her beautiful newborn at birth is beyond words. I pray that God will spare her such pain. I pray for a miracle. I ask God for his divine intervention. As the day progressed and my heart was breaking, I saw an opportunity to talk to a young girl. I was told she was a rape victim, something, unfortunately, I know alot about. This was my call to speak and I chose to do so. The young girl got out of her car. I asked her if I could speak with her. She said, “No.” I continued on, “My daughter was raped when she was 15. I have a beautiful grandson now that I love very much.” Her head turned towards me. I told her I was a counselor and I would like to help her. She was quick to tell me she had a three year old and was not going to have an abortion. I asked her if she would like some information about the Allied Women’s Center and I explained some of their services. She walked over to take it and walked away to smoke a cigarette. Time went by and I prayed she would not go into the abortion clinic. She finally got up and as she was walking I told her that I was there for her if she needed help. I told her my name and let her know that I had three daughters and I understood what she was going through. Then the Planned Parenthood doors closed and I never saw her again. If nothing else, I pray this young girl knows that there was someone who cared about her.

We all have a story to tell. We all have a life experience that can help a young girl or woman. Sometimes it may be harder than usual to speak but please do. Ultimately, it is not whether you accomplish what you hoped for but WHO you spoke for.  We are the light of God, working for his own purpose not our own. We are here to show others where our own heart lies. Our heart lies with a God who gives unconditional love to all. Praise be to God!

Who’s To Say Who Is Right?

sacred-heart-of-jesusToday as three of us stood on the sidewalk working hard to get help for the women coming to the clinic we were approached by an angry man. He came straight to me and proceeded to tell me his story. “My grandmother would still be alive if abortion had been legal. I never got to know her because abortion was illegalso she got an unsafe abortion that killed her. She left three children with no mother. If abortion had been legal she would not have died,” he cried out. When we first tried to respond to him he said, “No, you need to listen. Women do not want to have abortions.” I said, “Yes, I know that. I have been trained about abortion.” He continued on, saying, “Do you know what will happen if abortion is made illegal again? Women will go back to having unsafe abortions and dying.” One our male counselors was able to get in a few words at that point. He told him that abortions are never safe even if they are legal. I added that four clinics in San Antonio had been doing illegal abortions. He said, “How so?” we both replied, “They did not have a license, and I added, “Do you think that is safe?” I continued with a story about how young girls have been told that they are pregnant when in fact they are not. I said they were scheduled for abortions even though they were not pregnant. (Reference: the book, “Blood Money”; if you haven’t read it, please do).  At this point I went to my file cart while two other male counselors were talking with him.  I then grabbed a booklet with pictures of three different babies that had been aborted in various ways.  I moved him away from the other two counselors so that I could speak to him one on one. I first told him that I was very sorry that his grandmother had died and that I truly understood that he was in pain. I said, “It must have been very hard on you.” I continued with, “We are here because we are trying to save people from dying. We are trying to save innocent babies that cannot speak for themselves.” I said, “This is what is happening inside Planned Parenthood”, and I showed him the pictures of the aborted babies.  I told him that we were there on the sidewalk to prevent babies from having  to die such horrible deaths. I asked him, as I pointed to an aborted baby, “Do you think this is right? Do you think that babies should die like this?” His response was, “Well, there’s got to be a more humane way to do abortions.” I think at that point he realized how ridiculous his statement was and changed the subject to another attack. Yes, he moved on to the adoption subject. Always the usual attack on Pro-Life people. “Well, what are we suppose to do with all the babies that people can’t afford to take care of that don’t get aborted?” he asked. “I said there is adoption. There are many people that would love to adopt a baby. There are long lists of people that would be happy to take in a child. Everyone of us that come to this sidewalk would adopt a baby. As a matter of fact, Teri, from the Allied Women’s Center adopted NINE!”. She saved nine babies from being aborted and she is raising all of them. His response was, “It is too hard for people to adopt babies.” Then he threw in a question that he thought would help him win his “battle”. The question was, “What do you think about gay marriage?” I said, “It is not up to ME to decide whether gay marriage is right or wrong.” I added, “I am not one to be judgmental”, and “I am not at the clinic for political reasons. I am here to help people.” Again, I referred to innocent babies that cannot speak for themselves. He said, “I know a lot of couples that would like to adopt a baby but they can’t.” I said, “Why not?” He answered, “Because they are gay couples.” I said, “They can adopt.” He said, “Not in this city.” I said, “If your friends really want to adopt a baby, then you tell them to come HERE.  Tell them to come to this sidewalk and save a baby.” The man seemed very agitated at that point and proceeded to walk away. I offered him some Pro-life information but he refused. He did not want to hear anymore. I am guessing at that point he felt defeated.

To me, my conversation was not about winning or losing. My goal was to reach him with a message, God’s message. I wanted him to see that I had compassion and understanding for him. That I was willing to listen to him though I did not necessarily agree with him. Ultimately that is what he needed. He was angry because he never got to know his grandmother. He was in pain and needed someone to blame. He needed to vent and I allowed him to do so. As a gay man he felt he would be judged by us because we are Christians. He assumed I would respond negatively to him. I did not.  By allowing him to speak freely I was able to get my message through. I saw the horror in his eyes when he saw the aborted babies. He did not look away, he took it in. His comment, “There must be a more humane way to do abortions”, showed me that he was affected by the pictures. I am more than certain that whenever he thinks of abortion now that a picture will flash in his head. He now knows the reality of the result of abortion. It is not just about his grandmother anymore. 

We were approached today by a man who said he had walked from 281. He said he had been watching us and wondering what we were doing. I explained to him our purpose for being there and he asked me for some information. I gladly gave him some pamphlets.  He said that he was looking for a church because they had some work for him to do. He asked if we could lend him a dollar to get a hamburger. One of our counselors gladly handed over two. He was very grateful and began to tell us about his life. He had been abused by his mother’s boyfriend when he was a child and was upset with his mother because she did not protect him. He broke down and cried. We talked to him about forgiveness. He asked if we would pray with him. We all held hands and prayed for this broken soul. May God touch his life and bring him healing.

I am very happy to say that we got a woman’s attention today and we were able to redirect her to Allied Women’s Center. She said she was going in to get a pregnancy test. She asked us if they were free at Planned Parenthood. I said that I didn’t know and that Planned Parenthood was an abortion clinic. She asked again, “But they do give free pregnancy tests, right?” I said that I was not certain about that but that she could get a free pregnancy test at the Allied Women’s Center. I told her that she needed to be careful going into Planned Parenthood. I told her that young girls have been told they are pregnant but aren’t really pregnant. I said that Planned Parenthood makes money from doing abortions. She still didn’t seem like she was getting my message so I pulled out some information about the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. I told her the unsettling story about Margaret Sanger’s beliefs about the black race and minorities being “Human Weeds” and that her plan was to eliminate what she considered unfit people through abortion and sterilization. That got her attention! She said, “Well, I do not want to have an abortion. I have four children.” I asked her if she had any children in diapers. She said yes. I told her that Allied Women’s Center could help her by giving her free diapers. She was very happy about that. She then told me that she had just gotten custody of her niece. I said that they could help her with diapers for her niece, too. She looked very relieved. I am sure that she must have been feeling overwhelmed with enormous responsibilities and some of the stress was about to come off of her shoulders. She was given directions and she left Planned Parenthood. Praise GOD!!!

It was a good day on the sidewalk…many were helped in many different ways. May God always speak through us so that we may show each person that we come in contact with all of his love and compassion. Please remember to be non-judgmental…only God has that right, we are just his humble servants.

Silent as a Lamb, Sly as a Fox

cristo006There was a lesson learned today on the sidewalk. One that someone will unfortunately pay a high price for. In the Bible we are warned numerous times of the snares of evil. We always have to be on our guard for the “snake” in the grass. It is there watching us, ready to make us it’s next prey. Today a man learned that lesson and our prayers must be with him. We are human and we all make mistakes.

 As peacemakers we must remember to always be an example to others. We must be humble and in “disguise”. Meaning we must be representative of Jesus. When defending the innocent we must take on our savior’s spirit of love and compassion to the sidewalk. There is no greater task than to be obedient to our Lord. The path we walk is not an easy one but undoubtedly will be worth the reward. Life is a journey that leads us all to the same place in the end…at the feet of our Lord in heaven. What we take in and learn is for our betterment. Some lessons are tougher learned than others but we must pray for understanding to get through the difficult times.

 It is very important to remember these words when dealing with evil, “Silent as a Lamb, Sly as a Fox”. Reflect on what God means by this. They were words spoken to protect YOU from evil.  Keep them in your mind at all times. We do not have to be outspoken to be heard. God is listening and that is what is most important. When we pray, we must pray faithfully, knowing that God will answer our prayers. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have. It is working and we must continue to pray with great intent for God’s most innocent children, the unborn.

When God Is Watching

san-antonioOn Saturday I felt an overwhelming presence on the sidewalk as I was praying the rosary on my knees. It was like a cool, comfortable breeze that came over me and I knew that God was watching. There is no doubt in my mind his holy spirit was with us. I felt a heavenly peace that engulfed me. Of course, the evil one hates for anyone to be in such grace and came along to try and ruin that peace. The PP escort came over and stood directly in front of me within inches of me. He stared down at me and laughed as I prayed, trying to make a mockery of the rosary. Shortly after, a woman drove up and started in on the usual reasons why she and others think abortion is justified…sparking a confrontation between the two of us. “What about a girl who has been raped?!”, she yelled. I replied back to her, “My daughter WAS raped when she was fifteen”. “I have a beautiful two year old grandson whom I love dearly”. I continued, “Rape does not justify killing an innocent child.” “It says in the Bible clearly, thou shall not kill”. “There are no exceptions, according to God himself.” Frustrated with the answer I gave her, she said to the “atheist”, “You just can’t talk to these people”. As she drove away, the atheist turned towards me to throw in a “punch”. “I bet you believe the Iraq War is ok!”, he yelled out. I replied,”I am for peace”. “And, I wish that we didn’t have to have wars.”  That didn’t appease him. He wanted to start an argument with someone so he went for the man behind me. He tormented him with his question about the Iraq war, purposely trying to stir up an argument. The man was getting very irritated with the atheist as he continued to harrass the man relentlessly. I stood up off of my knees and said, “Quit harrassing him, he obviously doesn’t want to talk to you.  Talk to me if you have something to say!” He replied, “You already answered my question.” He then went on to try to harrass more people, along with the man standing behind me. “That’s it!”, I said to myself. “He’s not going to disrupt our peace!” I saw an officer sitting on the hill, in the restaurant parking lot, and I marched up there. When I got there another man was speaking about the atheist. I said to the officer, “We are trying to have a peaceful prayer vigil and “the atheist” is purposely harrassing everyone and trying to start fights.” The officer drove down to the sidewalk and called the atheist over. The atheist was sent away for the day. Victory for God and his people!                                                                                                                           

 John 5.18-5.20 “We know that those who are born of God do not sin, but the one who was born of God protects them, and the evil one does not touch them. We know that we are God’s children, and that the whole world lies under the power of the evil one. And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding so that we may know him who is true; and we are in him who is true, in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. ” 

We are blessed when we are given the gift of discernment. For in this we see truth and find understanding. We must pray for those who are lost in the world. They wander aimlessly with no purpose and cause disruption where there should be peace. May God touch their hearts with his unconditional love so that they may walk on a path that leads to true fulfillment. The path to heaven. Amen

May the Grace of the Lord be with you!


Celebrate Life!

jesus1As I stood on the sidewalk today I watched a woman going in and out of the clinic with a card and several trays of cupcakes. Apparently, it was one of the worker’s birthday’s today. I thought to myself what an awful place to celebrate a birthday. A place where innocent children are killed and never given the chance to celebrate even one birthday. How cold hearted are these people who cannot recognize the horrific injustice being done to innocent children? Why are they blind to the innocent blood that is shed right before them? And then I thought about Jesus. Our dear Lord and savior, full of love for the world, who shed his own blood that we may be saved. Unjustly convicted and sentenced to death just as the innocent babies that die everyday. How many times does the blood of the innocent have to be shed before the world will see the truth?  When will all sinners come to the feet of our Lord and ask for forgiveness?

As God’s children we are sent on his behalf to pray for the innocent. We are defenders of his most precious blessing.  At conception a baby becomes a part of the world. A new soul sent here to bless the world with innocence. A baby is a symbol of God’s love. Babies give unconditional love, the same as our God in heaven. A baby’s sweet face can melt the heart of even the coldest of hearts. That is God’s intention. He knew exactly what he was doing when he made the eyes of a baby so beautiful and the touch of their hand so soft. It is no coincidence that a mother becomes overwhelmed with joy when she sees her baby for the first time. She has just witnessed the greatest miracle there is. LIFE!

In Psalms 139:13-14, David said to God, “You formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I  praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works.” David knew of the great miracle that God had bestowed upon him. He had given him life and for that he was grateful to his creator. Let us be like David. Let us be thankful to God for our own lives and for all the beautiful children that have blessed us. And as we go to church on Sunday to honor our savior who was risen from the dead, let us Celebrate Life! Let us present ourselves with contrite hearts, as his faithful children. And, let us honor the innocent souls in heaven whose lives were sacrificed before they were born. We graciously ask that these precious angels pray to our Lord in heaven for an end to abortion. May God answer their prayers and the prayers of all who dedicate their lives to saving the innocent.   

Wishing you many blessings and a very Happy Easter!


Roses For The Suffering

baby-angel-with-rosesAs I arrived at the sidewalk early this morning I was greeted with wonderful news. “One drove off”.  There is no better news on the sidewalk than that. What a blessing! A child was saved! This reminds us how very important our presence is. Each person who arrives on the sidewalk comes with a mission. One that God put in our hearts to fulfill through his grace. We come unselfishly and with conviction to be of service to our Lord and savior.

Today a counselor spoke with her whole heart to a mother whose daughter had made up her mind that she was going to have an abortion. The mother came straight to the sidewalk and received a warm welcome. The counselor spoke to her about abortion and then earged the mother to go in and get her daughter. The mother’s tears flowed from her eyes and we could feel her devastating pain. She was truly suffering and our hearts were with her. The counselor gave her some information to give to her daughter and I gave her a rose (letting her know it was from the Blessed Mother) and she was urged to go in and talk to her daughter. I am sorry to say we never saw her come back out. Let us pray for this family as they will need healing that only God can give.

Two young men pulled up with a young girl in the back seat. They sat in their car for awhile and we tried to get their attention. When the girl got out she seemed afraid, as though she had been warned about talking to us. I got a sense that the two guys who brought her there had put alot of pressure on her. This was a classic case of a young girl being coerced by her boyfriend. I can only imagine the mental torment she was feeling. Her boyfriend kissed her and she walked through the door. This is what I refer to as the “kiss of death”. It was his way of reassuring her that she had to do this for him. The sad reality is that if he really loved her he would have never had brought her there.  He let her down and soon she will truly understand just how much. As the boyfriend sat outside with his friend, many counselors tried in desperation to give him some information. He would look at his friend and laugh. As a last ditch attempt, I spoke out loud to him,”Please, at least give your child a name before he dies”. “He deserves that respect”. It had no effect on him. His heart was cold. He stood outside laughing and mocking the people that were trying to help his child that was about to die inside. The irony of it all is a sad reminder of how society has become numb to violence and murder, even when it is their own children that are the victims.

A BMW pulled up today with a couple in it. They got out in a huff. She yelled out that she would be playing satanic music while having her abortion. May God open up her eyes to truth and have mercy on her soul.

Another young woman got out of her car and when she was offered help she flipped everyone off. One of our counselors said that she appreciated that she was pointing to God and we would pray for her. That is always a tough situation but one that can be dealt with in a clever way. It helps us to not take it personally. After all, they have no idea what they are really going to face once they go inside those doors. They have been coached into thinking that we are bad but eventually they do learn the real truth. I am guessing at that point, they realize that we really were trying to help them.

I watched the Planned Parenthood escort and the “security guard” mocking me for bringing roses and offering them to the women. It saddened me that the men were incapable of seeing why each woman deserved a rose. Their hearts hardened to the reality of what was happening around them. They could not see that each woman would be facing a horrific, life changing ordeal. The beautiful life growing inside her was going to be put to death. Why shouldn’t she be offered a rose? When I think of roses, I think of the sacrifice that our savior, Jesus Christ, made so that we may be saved. The rose so beautiful with thorns of grace. The red in the petals representing the blood shed so that our sins would be forgiven. The thorns representing the crown he was made to wear as he was mocked. What a better gift to give to a woman to remind her of Jesus and his sacrifice? It is a perfect representation of our savior’s love for them.

Some angels wear wings of silken white and golden robes so grand. Some walk the earth in blue jeans and lend a helping hand.  If angels had a job description it would only consist of one task: Do the work of love.