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Needing a Bump in Business?

Comprehensive sex education? Planned Parenthood’s research and education arm, the Guttmacher Institute now recommends the following:

Health care providers and health educators should discuss withdrawal as a legitimate, if slightly less effective, contraceptive method in the same way they do condoms and diaphragms. Dismissing withdrawal as a legitimate contraceptive method is counterproductive for the prevention of pregnancy and also discourages academic inquiry into this frequently used and reasonably effective method.

Does anyone remember the Consumer Reports assessment on Planned Parenthood condoms several years back?


Human Weeds…Wow watch this video

Did you know,…


While the Planned Parenthood on Babcock is the only Planned Parenthood in the area doing surgical abortions, there are  four others which provide medical abortions through a pill commonly referred to as RU-486 or Mifeprex. Consequently, during the year 2007, Planned Parenthood of San Antonio and South Texas were directly responsible for almost 1900 abortions.

Did you know,…

Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. was one of two donors which qualified for Planned Parenthood Trust of San Antonio and South Central Texas highest donor level (known as the Regent’s Circle) for donating at least $100,000+.