hot, hot, hot….

Last Saturday was a scorcher, but along with the higher heat and humidity, we welcomed the lower abortion numbers. Saturday the 27th there were 13 abortions and for the 20th of June there were 18. The last two abortion days complete the 2nd quarter for 2009, and we continue to see the incidence of abortions being almost half of where they were last year at this time.

Over all for 2009 , the amount of abortions at 104 Babcock have decreased 46% or by 215.

There were no real incidents to report over the past two weeks, but we continue to see the friends and family members of abortion minded women, come over to speak to our counselors and admit they are against abortion but feel there are limited options for their loved ones.  Its a testimony of our abortion minded  society who puts both, direct and indirect pressure on women with unplanned pregnancies to get abortions. It’s as though they believe pregnant girls and women “who have their entire lives in front of them”, contract some sort of disease, where they become completely disabled and incapacitated, forcing them to put their entire lives on hold.

Please continue to pray for the the abortion minded individuals and to those who perpetuate the lies and rhetoric of choice, and for all of us, that we may resist the temptations to unfairly judge others.



4 responses to “hot, hot, hot….

  1. I am curious – where do you get these abortion statistics from? Does the Planned Parenthood facility give them to you?

  2. Sarah,

    We have trained individuals who report the numbers to us. Planned Parenthood would never want anything to do with us.

  3. So if a woman chooses not to have an abortion due to the information she received from the doctors and counselors at Planned Parenthood, you would still count that as a “win”, even though it really proves the value of free and open access to information about reproductive health? Perhaps these numbers aren’t due to your activities but to outreach done by Planned Parenthood and other organizations. Every couple that practices safer sex is preventing abortions.

  4. Sarah, I encourage you to read the book, “Blood Money” by Carol Everett. It is about a woman who worked for many years in the abortion industry and it will give you all the information you need.

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